ditech Website Security and Systems

ditech realizes that product and service design requires a commitment to properly managing the risks associated with today’s electronic world.

Secure Environment

ditech’s computer systems do not connect directly to the Internet. Any and all online application data must pass through our secure server. The security protocol that is utilized is called Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL protects all data transmissions between your PC and our computer. 

ditech utilizes the industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to protect communications between your computer and The SSL cipher in place utilizes 256-bit encryption and was developed by RSA Data Security Inc. Your private information cannot be deciphered by unauthorized individuals.

Password Security

Ditech recognizes the importance of your privacy and protecting your Personal Information while you are visiting our websites. To prevent unauthorized use of your information, ditech has implemented improved security requirements to access your account online. To help protect your loan information, your access will be locked after 3 failed login attempts and you will need to use ‘strong’ passwords. Strong passwords are a mixture of alpha (upper and lower) and numeric characters. Do not use common words found in the dictionary. Use password phrases that you can easily remember such as using the first character for each word in a phrase along with numeric characters. For example, ‘Long and complex passwords are safest for me’, password: Lacpas4m.

System Requirements

An outdated or incompatible browser can cause websites to load slowly or display incorrectly. To ensure the best experience on, we designed our website to support most popular browsers. Check your Browser Compatibility with the ditech website.

Read and Download Secure Documents

ditech uses Adobe .pdf format to share secure documents with borrowers, such as electronic statements. If your device is not able to open these documents, please download and install Adobe Reader, a free product from Adobe.