What is MyAccount?

MyAccount is your secure online account. MyAccount allows you to view and manage the details of your account, including:
  • Your loan summary
  • Your next payment details
  • Escrow account
  • Payment history and statements
  • Insurance claims
  • And much more.

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This short video will walk you through MyAccount. Your secure online account is easy to access and convenient to use. Click on a menu item on the screen to skip ahead or take the full tour.

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MyAccount FAQs

Can I make an electronic mortgage payment?

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We offer a range of electronic mortgage payment options. The most popular option, provided at no charge, is AutoPay. It allows you to set up automatic payment withdrawal from your bank checking or savings account. You can also make a payment by mail, over the phone or through your secure online ditech account.

Register for AutoPay

How can I make payments?

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We offer several convenient options for making payments. They’re all listed on the Make a Payment page.

How do I use online billing to make my mortgage payments?

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Just as with paper billing statements, you can make your mortgage payment any of several ways. Options include mail, automatic payments from your bank account, online payments and much more. Learn more about Online Billing or Make a Payment.

How do we protect your personal information?

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  • We confirm your identity with confidential access codes before we ever allow access to your online accounts.
  • We use technologies such as firewalls (which protect systems from intrusion) and 128-bit encryption (scrambling of information) to provide identity protection.
  • We train our employees to protect your Personal Information and we are continually enhancing our security tools and procedures.

I’ve already registered for MyAccount, how will I access it?

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Your login information hasn’t changed. You will still be able to access the information in your MyAccount with the new website just as you did before.

Login to MyAccount

What if I don’t understand my online billing statement?

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Online billing statements look exactly like your print statements. If you don’t understand the information provided on the statements, see our handy primer: How to read your mortgage statement.

Which Internet browsers work best with this site?

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An outdated or incompatible browser can cause websites to load slowly or display incorrectly. To ensure the best experience on, we designed our website to support most popular browsers. Check your Browser Compatibility with the Ditech website.

Will I receive year-end tax and interest information?

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If you paid more than $600 in interest the past year, you may receive a 1098 tax form depending on account type and account status. These forms will be mailed out prior to January 31st. You may need this information for tax preparation.

Looking for Your Account Information?
You can access your mortgage account information online — safely and securely.
The first step is to create an online account that gives you secure access.