Transferred to ditech

Making the transfer of your mortgage servicing easy.

If you recently received a notice that your previous servicer transferred your mortgage to ditech, we’re happy to have you as a Customer. We know you have many questions. Watch the video below for a quick introduction to ditech as your new mortgage servicer. It's less than two minutes long and will answer many of your mortgage transfer questions.

Important Dates for You to Know

Days Prior to Transfer

Contact your current servicer with any questions abotu your mrotgage loan prior to the transfer.

Transfer Date - Transfer is Official

Your welcome letter identifies your transfer date. This is when you should begin sending your payments to ditech. Please note that for the first 10 days, we’ll have limited information about your account.

Your previous loan servicer will forward to ditech any payments sent to them during this 10-day period. ditech will hold them until your account data is loaded into our system.

You can register for online account access beginning on this date. However, please note that your complete account information won’t be available online until about 9 days following the transfer.

Approximately 9 Days After Transfer - ditech Can Begin Posting Payments

Your loan information is available online.

ditech will process any payments received since the transfer at this time. These payments will be posted effective the date they were received. If you made a payment to your previous servicer during the transfer process, ditech will not charge you a late fee.

Approximately 16 Days After Transfer - Your First ditech Statement Mailed

We will mail your first ditech statement (for payment due the month following the transfer date) to your billing address.
Mortgage Transfer FAQs

What does a transfer of mortgage servicing mean?

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It means that your lender has transferred the servicing of your mortgage – the right to collect payments – to another financial institution. A transfer of mortgage servicing doesn’t mean that you have a poor quality loan or credit history. It simply means that going forward, ditech will collect your payment, manage any escrow transactions, and provide all the customer service for your home loan.

What happens during the transfer process?

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We’ll be working with the data file that we received from your prior servicer, which is essentially a snapshot of your account at the time your servicing was transferred. We test and confirm the loan data, and then upload that information into our computer systems for further testing.

Once the transfer of mortgage servicing process is complete, we post all payments as of the date of receipt and make your current account information available to you via a secure online account and through our Customer Service representatives.