Make your life easier with automatic payments.

If you’re eligible, you can use our free ditech AutoPay service. ditech will automatically withdraw your payments from your bank checking or savings account.

Why choose ditech AutoPay?

If eligible, you can choose from monthly or biweekly electronic payments to meet your financial needs and schedule. You also gain these other key benefits of automatic payments:

  • Save time. You don’t have to write out checks and prepare envelopes each month.
  • Change the electronic payment date as often as you want. You can set up AutoPay to make the automatic payment on your due date or another date each month. Plus, you can adjust the date as many times as you need to accommodate your changing financial situation.
  • Avoid late fees. You won’t have to remember your payment each month so you avoid potential late fees.
  • Flexibility. Choose your payment date.

Option to reduce your principal faster

You can choose to make biweekly payments to reduce your principal faster, which reduces the amount of interest charges you pay. While other servicers charge a fee for biweekly service, we offer it free.

Why Choose Biweekly Payments?

With biweekly (twice-a-month) payments, you make 26 half payments, or the equivalent of 13 payments a year vs. 12 with monthly payments. The additional payment reduces your principal balance owed, enabling you to pay down your loan earlier and save money over the life of the loan. How much you save depends on your interest rate.

Note: You’ll need to log in or create an account to begin your AutoPay registration.


You can register for AutoPay, our free automatic payment service online. You first need to create an online account. Click on the link below to get started. Register for AutoPay Note that some restrictions apply, so some accounts may not be eligible for AutoPay due to account status.
Yes, you have two ways to pay additional toward your principal.
  • One, you can choose biweekly payments to pay down your home loan faster.
  • Two, even if you choose monthly payments, you can pay extra any month.
If we receive a payment larger than the amount due, we apply the additional amount first to any outstanding fees and then to your principal balance.
No, you can set up AutoPay to make your payment on any date between your due date and your late fee assessment date. For example, if your payment is due on the 1st and your late charge is assessed on the 16th, your payment can be made on any date between the 1st and 15th. Plus, you can change the payment date each month.
Our online payment functionality is limited to entering and processing payments only. If you need to modify or delete any pending payments made through AutoPay, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-643-0202 10 business days prior to the payment processing date.