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Find out how easy it is to manage your account online.

Manage your ditech account online—safely and securely. You can make your payment online, register for online billing statements, and track your account status at all times. To get started, register for MyAccount. Already registered? Log in now.

Understanding escrow.

Escrow accounts are sometimes called impound accounts. An escrow account holds funds paid by the homeowner that will eventually pay certain property related expenses. This includes but is not limited to taxes and/or homeowners’ insurance premiums. Go to Understanding Escrow.

New to ditech.

If you’re new to ditech, you may be looking for information. Visit the New to ditech page to learn what you need to know, based on your unique needs. Choose one of the 4 situations that best describes you. You’ll see a customized link to a page with information that applies to you.

Making payments.

We offer a variety of convenient ways to make your ditech payment each month. You can pay your payments online, set up automatic payments with AutoPay, wire payments, use your bank’s bill pay service or mail your payment. Learn how to Make a Payment.

Using AutoPay.

This free service takes the hassle out of making your payment. By setting up automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account, you save time, postage and potential late fees. AutoPay is flexible so you can change your payment date, if needed. Register now for AutoPay to have your payment automatically debited from your checking or savings account. Read more about AutoPay.

Moving to online billing.

You can save time and help the environment by requesting our free online billing service. Instead of receiving a paper billing statement in the mail, you’ll receive a secure, electronic PDF attachment of your monthly billing statement via email. Visit Online Billing to get the details.

Downloading documents.

Your 2016 Mortgage Interest Statement (IRS Form 1098) is available for viewing and downloading in MyAccount. You can also find electronic versions of your billing statements and escrow account disclosure statements in this secure area. To access these documents, you must login or register for MyAccount. More on Downloading Documents.

Subordination requests.

If you want to refinance your home and you have more than one mortgage or lien on your property, you may need a subordination agreement. Learn how to request ditech subordination requirements. To obtain requirements specific to your home loan, enter your ditech account number in our online subordination tool.

Common fees and costs.

This schedule provides general information on common non-state specific fees and costs that could be associated with a mortgage loan account. It is not a complete list of all fees and costs. Go to Common Fees and Costs.