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Home financing just got smarter.

ditech smartwatch logoMaking home financing decisions can be stressful. That’s why we introduced SmartWatch®, an online tool that’s helping ditech Customers make better decisions when refinancing or buying a home.

Each personalized SmartWatch report is filled with answers to questions you may have about your home loan options, such as:

  • Can you reduce your mortgage payment?
  • Can you save on interest?
  • Can you get cash out?
  • Do you have enough home equity for a down payment?

SmartWatch is just one more way we help our Customers choose the right home loan.

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Some Answers

Here are some answers to questions many people ask about SmartWatch:

SmartWatch is ditech's new online tool that provides personalized answers to questions you may have about refinancing your current home or purchasing your next home. To see your SmartWatch report, visit MyAccount and click on "SmartWatch".
The answers in your SmartWatch report are based, in part, on your current ditech loan and your home's estimated value (determined using a statistical model with third-party valuation data). Your SmartWatch report shows you if you can reduce your loan payment by refinancing (and by how much), if you can get cash out and much more.
Absolutely. It's one more way we help Customers like you choose the right home loan.