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What is escrow? First, not every ditech customer has an escrow account. If you do have one, it’s always a good idea to understand how escrow works. You can find in-depth escrow information here.

Private mortgage insurance, or PMI

PMI is a special kind of insurance that lenders apply to mortgage loans with a lower down payment, less than 20% of the total mortgage. Understanding PMI will help you answer questions like, “Can PMI be removed?” or “What’s the difference between PMI and MIP?”

Lender-Placed Insurance

People use many different terms to refer to insurance that a bank or mortgage servicer places on a house. Learn about lender-placed insurance, creditor-placed insurance, or force-placed insurance here.


There are good reasons to take advantage of ditech refinance programs. Qualified borrowers may refinance to reduce mortgage payments by reducing total amount of interest, or to cash out for college or home improvement projects. Get all the refinancing information you need at the link below.

Your Statements

Your ditech mortgage and escrow statements hold a lot of important financial information. To learn more about this information, explore our useful guides to reading your statements.


Thinking about paying off your loan? Congratulations! Visit our Payoff page to learn about the payoff process, timeline, instructions, contact information, and requirements.

Preventing Mortgage Scams and Foreclosure Fraud

Protect your home and your identity by learning how to recognize the signs of mortgage and foreclosure scams. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of scammers.

Assuming a Loan

Assuming a mortgage loan is sometimes a good solution for transferring property, but it’s not possible for all loans or all situations. Learn more about loan assumptions here.


If you want to refinance your home and you have more than one mortgage or lien on your property, you might need a subordination agreement. Learn about subordination and making a ditech subordination request.

Frequently Asked Questions

For quick info on many topics, visit the frequently asked questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Our FAQs give you the specific answers you need, as well as helpful links and related information.

Mortgage Glossary

Find out what it means fast. Use this handy glossary to find definitions of commonly used home lending terms.