New to ditech FAQ

Your escrow account balance will transfer to ditech from your prior servicer. We will conduct your next escrow analysis on the same schedule as your prior servicer. An escrow analysis is typically conducted annually.

If you didn’t have an escrow account with your former servicer and would like to set up an escrow account with ditech, please download and complete the Request to Establish an Escrow Account with ditech form, and fax it to the number printed on the form.

If you have more questions about escrow, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-643-0202.

You should send all payments to ditech.

Payments can be mailed to us at:

ditech Payment Processing
PO Box 660934
Dallas, TX 75266-0934

If this is the case, it means we’re still working to set up your loan on our servicing system. During this period, any checks we receive will be cashed and the proceeds held for processing. Once all of the loans are transferred to our system from your previous servicer, we’ll apply your payment — showing the date it was received in the mail.

We offer a range of electronic mortgage payment options. The most popular option, provided at no charge, is AutoPay. It allows you to set up automatic payment withdrawal from your bank checking or savings account. You can also make a payment by mail, over the phone or through your secure online ditech account.

Register for AutoPay

Absolutely, your previous servicer will transfer all the information about your loan to us. We won’t make any changes to the structure of the loan. Whether the modification or trial modification was to the interest rate, principal, payment or fees, your modified terms will remain intact.

Your previous servicer will provide us with all the information about your loan, including any relevant loan modification documents you’ve already provided, any pending applications and any trial period plans. We’ll be able to pick up right where your previous servicer left off to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

We’ll be working with the data file that we received from your prior servicer, which is essentially a snapshot of your account at the time your servicing was transferred. We test and confirm the loan data, and then upload that information into our computer systems for further testing.

Once the transfer of mortgage servicing process is complete, we post all payments as of the date of receipt and make your current account information available to you via a secure online account and through our Customer Service representatives.

It means that your lender has transferred the servicing of your mortgage – the right to collect payments – to another financial institution. A transfer of mortgage servicing doesn’t mean that you have a poor quality loan or credit history. It simply means that going forward, ditech will collect your payment, manage any escrow transactions, and provide all the customer service for your home loan.

The transfer of your mortgage servicing to us doesn’t change the original terms or conditions of your mortgage. It just changes the party responsible for collecting your payment, which is now ditech.

Your previous servicer will transfer any remaining escrow balance to us, to cover your property taxes and insurance. We’ll conduct your next escrow analysis on the same schedule as your prior servicer. An escrow analysis is typically conducted annually.

Yes, many homeowners request an escrow account with ditech. An escrow account is an account we set up to pay certain bills associated with your property, such as property taxes, homeowners insurance, hazard/flood insurance or private mortgage insurance, if required.

That way, you don’t need to save for these expenses or keep track of due dates. We make these payments for you on time, as needed, from your escrow account.